Vol. 20, #7 - February 16, 2015 - Issue #1017

No more Windows 7 ISO and more

  1. Editor's Corner
    • No more Windows 7 ISO
    • Windows Server "10" delayed
    • Amazon still the big player in cloud
    • New TechGenix site on AWS
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    • Microsoft Virtual Academy
    • Quote of the Week
  2. Admin Toolbox
    • Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without
  3. This Week's Tips
    • Microsoft Software Recovery Center now online
    • Hiding BitLocker from Control Panel
    • Rotating an Excel spreadsheet
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    • MSExchange.org Webinar: Advanced Microsoft Exchange Backup and Recovery Strategies for SMBs
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    • Cloud Computing
    • Security and Privacy
    • SharePoint, Exchange and Office
    • Storage
    • Windows client
  7. Recommended TechGenix Articles
    • Recommended articles from websites in TechGenix Network
  8. Windows Server News
    • How to allot your shrinking cloud dollars in the future
    • How to use and when not to use VMware snapshots
    • DRaaS or DaaS? You can have both
    • Learning problem-solving techniques from kids at play
  9. WServerNews FAVE Links
    • Spider Man
    • Mind-Blowing Origins Of Everyday Symbols
    • Train Dashes Through The Snow In Canada
    • Dog Performs Amazing Magic Trick
  10. WServerNews - Product of the Week
    • Deep Packet Inspection for Quality of Experience Monitoring


Deep Packet Inspection for Quality of Experience Monitoring

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Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter is all about several news items and rumors that have grabbed the attention of your editors during the last couple of weeks. We're sure many of our readers will find them interesting as well.

We're also pleased to announce a small change in the structure of our newsletter. Back in 2012 when we sent out a survey to WServerNews subscribers, one of the questions we asked you was which sections of the newsletter you read most or found most helpful. The number one response of over two-thirds of you was our Tip of the Week. So beginning with this issue, instead of including a single tip in the Editor's Corner of each issue, we're now going to have a whole new section called This Week's Tips where we'll have not one but several IT pro tips each week!

OK that's enough applause, thanks. By the way, have you ever tried to clap only one hand? Here's what happened to Ratbert:


Ask Our Readers: WServerNews has almost 100,000 subscribers worldwide. That's a lot of expertise to tap into. Do you need help with some issue or need advice on something IT-related? Got a question you'd like us to toss out to our readers to try and answer? Email us at [email protected]

Now let's take a look at the news items and rumors that grabbed our attention recently...

No more Windows 7 ISO

Until now users who purchased OEM PCs with loads of crapware preinstalled on them could use the following tutorial on SevenForums.com to replace their bloated Windows image by installing a clean Windows 7 ISO which they could download for free from Digital River:


As you can see from the 49 pages of comments on this article, this tutorial is popular! Or perhaps we should say that OEM crapware is *not* very popular with those who buy OEM PCs that have Windows preinstalled...

Well, we've just heard a rumor that Microsoft is taking down the servers at Digital River that have been hosting the Windows 7 ISOs you needed if you wanted to follow the above tutorial. For example, until a few days ago this link let you download the ISO for Windows 7 Ultimate x64 edition:


But now you get an HTTP Error 404 File Or Directory Not Found when you try that link.

My guess is that this has happened because mainstream support of Windows 7 SP1 ended on January 13 of this year:


In other words, Microsoft is implicitly urging owners of OEM PCs running Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 8.1.

Any thoughts? Send feedback to [email protected]

And check out our tip called Microsoft Software Recovery Center now online in this issue.

Windows Server "10" delayed

Well, maybe not. I think many of us expected some sort of announcement about the timing of GA of Windows Server "Threshold" aka "10" aka "vNext" when they recently announced that Windows 10 would ship "later in the year" but there wasn't any such accompanying announcement concerning the server version.

Well, if you haven't read it yet, here is the latest "Windows Server and System Center roadmap update" from Microsoft's Server & Cloud Blog:


So final release of the next version of Windows Server is going to be "in 2016" whatever that means. But maybe that was the plan all along...

Amazon still the big player in cloud

Business Insider summarizes some market research done by Synergy Research Group that suggests Amazon still dominates the $16 billion cloud market over competitors like Google and IBM:


Of course numbers can be spun in different ways. For example, while Amazon might be biggest in the cloud game by some metrics, Microsoft is an industry leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrants in four separate cloud categories:

Here's a post on the Server & Cloud Blog from a few months back detailing this:


New TechGenix site on AWS

Speaking of Amazon, you may not be aware of this yetbut our parent company TechGenix recently launched a new site called InsideAWS.com that has articles and news about Amazon Web Services. You can find the site here:


Your Editor is also contributing articles to this new site--check out my latest series of articles called "Getting Started with AWS" which you can find on my InsideAWS.com section page here:


Have you tried AWS? Do you use it in your organization? Share your stories with us at [email protected]'

P.S. I also have a section on VirtualizationAdmin.com here:


and have written literally tons of articles on WindowsNetworking.com here:


Enough of tooting my horn ;-)

Send us feedback

Got feedback concerning anything in this newsletter? Let us know at [email protected]

Recommended for Learning

Know It/Prove It is a month-long learning binge from the Microsoft Virtual Academy to accelerate your skills on the tech topic of your choice. Take the challenge here:


Microsoft Virtual Academy

Check out these on-demand courses from the Microsoft Virtual Academy:

Using PowerShell for Active Directory

IT Pros, want to automate redundant tasks and do it right the first time? Learn how to turn your real-time management and automation scripts into useful reusable tools and cmdlets. Use PowerShell to better create, query, update, delete, and manage your Active Directory"


Surface Pro 3 Deployment

If you're looking into Surface Pro 3 deployment and you'd like to learn why automation is important (plus how to automate using PowerShell), check out this course. Determine the correct version of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for you, and learn which tools you need.:


Deploying Office 2013 with App-V

If you'd like to learn about strategies for testing, deploying, and updating Office 2013 using App-V 5.0, including rollback options, explore the modules in this course. In addition, get a look at pitfalls and problems that can occur when deploying Office 2013 using App-V 5.0 to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 clients:


Quote of the Week

"Those who forget to script are doomed to repeat their work." --Jeffery Hicks, Microsoft MVP in Windows PowerShell

Check out Jeffery's blog called "The Lonely Administrator" here for some nifty PowerShell tips and stuff:


Until next week,

BTW feel free to follow me on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn

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Admin Toolbox

Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without

Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint gives you the vital information you need to be sure the file you’re about to restore is the right one. Download now!

Read this free eBook and find out how to calculate the true return on investment (ROI) involved in maintaining traditional storage solutions for email archiving and Exchange management.

Gow (Gnu On Windows) is the lightweight alternative to Cygwin

IronKey Basic D250 8GB Secure Flash Drive uses 256-bit AES encryption and is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified

ZoomIt is a screen zoom and annotation tool for technical presentations that include application demonstrations

This Week's Tips

This week we have tips on recovering a PC that has Windows 7 retail media installed, hiding the BitLocker Control Panel icon from standard users, and rotating an Excel spreadsheet to read CSV files better. 

Microsoft Software Recovery Center now online

Did you buy Windows 7 retail media for your PC and now your OS is toast? You can download an ISO of the Windows 7 retail media you need for your PC from the new Microsoft Software Recovery Center and use it to reinstall Windows on your PC. Here's the link to this new online resource:


Note that this only works with retail media. If you bought an OEM PC with Windows 7 preinstalled, your machine has an OEM product key and that won't work with the retail media you can download from the Microsoft Software Recovery Center.

Hiding BitLocker from Control Panel

A colleague says he has found a way to hide the BitLocker Control Panel icon from standard (non-admin) users on a Windows computer. One would think that the way to do this would be to configure the following policy setting in Group Policy:

User Configuration \ Policies \ Administrative Templates \ Control Panel \ Hide specified Control Panel items

But he says it that policy setting doesn't hide the BitLocker Control Panel icon. After asking around for a while someone suggested that he add the following two registry keys:

Path: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer

Name: DisallowCpl ... Type: REG_DWORD ... Value: 1

Path: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\DisallowCpl

Name: 1 ... Type: REG_SZ ... Value: Microosft.BitlockerDriveEncryption

I haven't had a chance to try this yet so maybe one of our readers can try it. Be sure to back up the registry before you modify it--see here:


Rotating an Excel spreadsheet

Have you ever had a CSV file with a couple of lines of output that you wanted to read more easily than in Notepad? So you try opening it in Excel and it looks something like this:


Figure 1

So you scroll sideways to read it and keep scrolling and scrolling...

Here's a trick I found online: you can easily rotate a selection of cells by 90 degrees in Excel. For example, start by selecting the populated cells in the above spreadsheet, then right-click on the selected area press CTRL+C to copy the cells to the clipboard.

Now switch to a new spreadsheet, right-click on a blank cell, and select Paste Special from the menu that appears:


Figure 2

In the Paste Special dialog that appears, select the checkbox labeled Transpose just above the OK button:


Figure 3

Now press OK and after resizing the columns the contents of your CSV file are nice and readable:


Figure 4

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Windows Server News

How to allot your shrinking cloud dollars in the future

There are a lot of cloud services available today, which makes choosing between them extremely difficult.  Planning ahead and knowing what to budget for in the coming year can make this selection process a little bit easier. Fortunately, this exclusive guide dives into two projects in particular that you should start budgeting for now so your IT cloud dollars will go far in 2015.

How to use and when not to use VMware snapshots

Simply put, a VMware snapshot is definitely not a backup. Learn what a VMware snapshot is, and – more importantly – what is isn’t, so you can sort through the confusion and ensure you avoid trouble by only using virtual machine snapshots as they're intended.

DRaaS or DaaS? You can have both

If you are thinking about embracing the cloud as part of your disaster recovery strategy, consider DaaS – many DaaS providers offer options where DRaaS is built in already. Learn more about how to leverage both DRaaS and DaaS together for optimal DR in the cloud.

Learning problem-solving techniques from kids at play

When new vulnerabilities arise in your data center, it’s best to think outside the box and adapt.  So, how can you apply this methodology to your vSphere environment? Learn how inside and review the key considerations you need to keep in mind to creatively solve your virtualization security problems when they arise.

WServerNews FAVE Links

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Spider Man

How does he do it?  It's just awesome!

Mind-Blowing Origins Of Everyday Symbols

A look at the symbols we have come to accept as a part of our lives. The origins of the Bluetooth, USB, On-Off, Command and Peace symbols may surprise you:

Train Dashes Through The Snow In Canada

A Canadian National Railway locomotive plows through huge snow drifts and gives the cameraman a massive show shower:

Dog Performs Amazing Magic Trick

Chances are you will want to watch this video twice to see how the Golden Retriever magician dog does it.  It is guaranteed to make you smile!

WServerNews - Product of the Week

Deep Packet Inspection for Quality of Experience Monitoring

Read this whitepaper to get a detailed description of packet analysis techniques to measure high network response times, network delay, server processing times, client processing time, traffic distribution, and overall quality of experience.

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