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Reader Feedback: Ad blocking for businesses

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Editor's Corner

Two weeks ago in Issue #1085 Ad blocking for business we raised a question for our readers to try and answer for us, namely: What do you use to block online ads in your office or corporate environment? We received a number of helpful responses to this question so we're devoting this week's issue of WServerNews to sharing some of our readership's thoughts on this subject so the rest of us in the community can learn from their expertise and experience. Plus of course we've got some other stuff to inform and entertain you.

Naturally we need to kick things off with another classic Dilbert comic on the theme of advertising:


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Let's now take a look at some of the ad blocking solutions our readers have recommended...

How online ads can affect businesses

Before we look at solutions to the problem, let's look at the problem itself. Are online ads really a problem for businesses? Or merely an annoyance? This email from David, the President of a company in Fraser, Michigan, USA set us thinking more deeply about the question:

Recently I have been experiencing trolling ads that open in a new tab that state my Firefox needs an update. Of course the update is always from some unusual website (like .ru or .cn). The most recent experience was when I visited my cable company's website to update something on my account. I opened the my.cableprovider.com site but did not log in as I had to take a phone call. When I got off the phone, I saw the fake update message. My first thought was "I have been hacked" but upon review, I determined that one of the never ending ads provided by third parties was the issue. So Ad Blocking for Business maybe a good security move.

My immediate thought when I think of users clicking on ads in a business environment is "wasted time equals lost productivity" but David here reminds us that security may be an even greater issue when it comes to users being exposed to online ads in business environments.
Anyways, you'll see some other comments concerning the impact of online ads upon businesses in several other reader comments below.

Microsoft MVP HOSTS file

In Issue #1085 Ad blocking for business I mentioned that we are currently using a HOSTS file developed and maintained by a Microsoft MVP on all our PCs to block the most popular adservers. This HOSTS file can be downloaded from here:


Greg, who works in Data Centre Operations for a business in Kingston, Ontario, Canada commented concerning this as follows:

Hi Mitch, I use the HOSTS file you mentioned, it gets updated about once a quarter. The last time was May 2016.
I love it, and recommend it to people all the time.
Love the newsletter :-)

Thanks, we always appreciate nice words like that :-)

In my browsing around however I happened to stumble this week upon an old post in The Electric Wand, a blog on TechNet, that suggests some registry tweaks if you decide to use a solution like the MVP HOSTS File:


I wasn't aware of those tweaks and will have to investigate why they're recommended.


Jurriaan, a reader who works as a photographer and is Chief Editor of PhotonMagazine.eu an online digital magazine for the Benelux countries (Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands) took notice of our recommendation of the MVP Hosts file and recommends HostsMan a freeware application that lets you manage your Hosts file with ease:


Here's what Jurriaan has to say about this application:

About hostfiles: one of the programs we use for security and adblocking is HostsMan. It is freeware, you'll find it here:


We've been using it for some years without complaints. HostsMan is using several lists of files which can better be blocked. The program simply downloads public lists. It is possible to get the downloads on an automatic basis, better is to download them by the manual command. There are always a few sites blocked that the user needs. (If such is happening unexpected, it can be annoying.) After downloaded, the updates are fully automatically installed. After the installation the program removes the duplicates.

uBlock Origin

Jurriaan also has a recommendation concerning ad blockers so we're printing his email in full here with a few edits:

About the adblockers we've found a very good solution for the adblockers. Also freeware, uBlock Origin by Raymond Hill:

It has a very little footprint and requires a very little bit of memory and processor time. It can handle hundreds of filters using some of the lists HostsMan uses and can also modify the hostfile. We use it on Mozilla Firefox, I don't know if it is also suitable for other browsers.

Finally, here's what Jurriaan thinks about the business impact of online ads:

About my opinion about ads. Affiliate ads need a lot of resources, slowing down the machine. Besides there is the security problem, for some people it's a way to induce malware on your system. Fact is that this type of unsolicited advertising is a waste of resources, time and therefore also money. My money. It is in fact "legalized spam}. So we block every activity of others on our systems.
Some sites are warning us that they have to make a living out of their ads. Well, let it be. Not on my systems. They also have the nerve to ask to unblock the ads. The answer is: "Not now and not for you". They better spend a visit to the social security. Have a nice day.

"Not on my systems." I love that, thanks.


Also in Issue #1085 Ad blocking for business I said we had considered using AdBlock for our own business but unfortunately we use Internet Explorer and not Chrome, Safari or Opera which are the supported browsers for that product. A reader named Rich wrote to suggest an alternative we could consider:

According to quick check, the Adblock Plus (not sure about AdBlock) works with IE:


And it's even free--golly! But I wonder how well it compares with AdBlock? Email me at [email protected] if you have any insight into this.
Another newsletter reader who uses this product is Burton who works for a group of Certified Public Accountants based in Minnesota, USA. Greg also commented on the large issue of the proliferation of online ads and their effect on businesses as follows:

We use AdBlockPlus for IE and it works well. I have been disappointed in how the advertising has grown on web sites. We started the blocking because we set our firewall to block all but a handful of countries. This caused a spamming of block messages from the firewall since the advertisements come from a number for blocked countries. Sites like MSN were basically unusable. In addition, with the content of web pages being provided by many sites from different countries, I believe the security is compromised. All the phishers, hackers, and all around bad guys have to do is compromise the advertisement in the country of origin and a lot of people have a problem. I advise staff to avoid clicking on any advertisements in their daily life and go to the site manually which is much safer.

From a business perspective, the ads are a distraction and hurt productivity. It is better for any business to block them and increase both productivity and security.

Tracking Protection List

James, an EUC Solutions Architect based in the UK, had some different advice for us since we use IE as our browser on our PCs:

An easy solution for IE users is to use a Tracking Protection List


The title of the blog post James is referencing here is "Improving Citrix XenApp session performance by blocking ads in Internet Explorer" and I'm quoting the following statement from this blog post as it's very enlightening:

"Deploy an ad blocker to see improved performance"

The context of this article mainly concerns Citrix and XenDesktop environments (which doesn't concern us directly for our business) but this later sentence in this article got our attention right away:

"So it was quite surprising when I discovered that ad-blocking (or content filtering, to give it the correct term) had been part of Internet Explorer since IE9 in the form of Tracking Protection."

The article goes on to describe how you can use an add-on called a Tracking Protection List (TPL) such as the EasyList provided by AdBlock Plus to block ads for users of IE, and it even walks through how you can manage this feature using Group Policy. So if your users use IE and you want an easy way of blocking ads on their machines, be sure to read this article through in full.

Send us your feedback

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 Quote of the Week

"This project is so important, we can't let things that are more important interfere with it."
--attributed to an Advertising/Marketing Manager with United Parcel Service

Until next week,
Mitch Tulloch

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