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Reader Feedback: Eyestrain solutions for IT pros

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Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter includes a compilation of feedback from our readers to the topic of Issue #1025 Eyestrain solutions for IT pros. We received a ton of feedback on that topic so we're including a section of it in this issue of WServerNews. And of course you'll also find the usual news, tips and fun stuff aplenty as well, so enjoy!

We editors here always enjoy your feedback to our newsletter, but feedback isn't always appreciated in every situation. Take for example your performance at work. How would you respond if your boss came up to you and asked whether you'd like some feedback on your job performance? Let's see how Dilbert responded when this happened:


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From the Mailbag

Let's hear how some of our readers responded to my editorial in Issue #1025 Eyestrain solutions for IT pros. We'll start with some positive feedback from readers who appreciated my attempt at solving the problem of mitigating eyestrain by using special plastic sheets or goggles to block all blue light coming from computing display devices.

A reader named John said:

Eyestrain solutions for IT pros. It works, Thanks again. John

You're welcome! Next is David, a Tech Coordinator for a school district in South Dakota, who said:

I have been a network administrator, computer teacher etc., since the early eighties …. Both my wife and I are having problems with eyes strain, tired eyes and dry eyes.  Our eye dr. has been less than satisfactory, it determining and solving the problem…we are going to try the safety glass you gave the address to on Amazon. Thanks Much.  Too bad it wasn't 6 month ago…would have saved us and medicad some $$$.  I'll let you know in few days if your experience is better than our Dr.'s degree!!! LOL.

Hope it works for you like it has for me. Another reader named Jeff who works for Verizon said:

I wanted to say I really enjoyed your eyestrain article. Since I write code all day and normally go home and write some more, I always wondered if others experience similar eye strain.  There are times where the brightness of the screen really bothers me and in the back of my mind think that this is probably not good for me. Many times I have thought back to my mother complaining about sitting too close to the TV and that it will ruin my eyes and comically thought "If mom could see me now" staring at multiple monitors, phones and tablets all day and all night. I have a pair of amber field glasses that I use while cutting the grass and I am going to see if they make a difference.  If they do, then I may take your advice about trying out some of the screen covers or glasses options.

I too spent way too much of my own childhood watching TV, mostly Star Trek re-runs. Maybe that's part of the problem I'm experiencing at this stage of my life. On the other hand, as a kid I used to read cereal boxes as I ate my breakfast, and now I browse the news on my iPad so maybe not much has changed :-P

Several readers suggested I try Gunnar glasses as a possible solution when working on the computer:


Here's what some of our readers have to say about this product:

I understand all the research you did but if you had asked the community, you would have been pointing in the direction of Gunnar glasses. They are specially designed to relieve eye strain. I stand behind them along with many of my peers. And they are slick looking! I've had a pair for several years now and I won't sit infront of a monitor without wearing them. --Karl

Fascinating write up on your eye strain adventures!  I really enjoyed reading it.  Have you seen or considered Gunnars glasses? Looks like you can get them with an Rx too. I picked up a pair in Woot.com cheap last year and keep forgetting to bring them in to work, but I think I need to send myself a reminder so I can see if they work like they claim. Woot has them occasionally if you want a cheaper pair than retail. Thanks for the write up. It is something a lot of us in IT suffer from I'm sure, especially if we stay in the IT field for years on end. --Tanya

The orange colored glasses that you showed in the newsletter (April 13th, 2015) we see all the time at the rifle range – they cut out blue light and increases contrast when shooting rifles and pistols – plus it is required at all ranges for people to have safety glasses on (or wearing eyeglasses that meet the safety requirements). Just never edit any photos wearing them! --Tom

That sounds like a great solution but I really didn't want to fork over another $500 for a pair of high-quality prescription glasses for working on my desktop PC.

A number of readers also recommended a software program called f.lux that's designed to makes the color of your display adapt to the time of day i.e. warm at night and like sunlight in daytime:


Here's what some readers had to say about this product:

Then there's this feedback from Samuel whose wife is a Doctor of Optometry:

Just want to let you know that there is a lot of current research out there which points out that the excess blue light can not only cause damage to your eyes, but also to your sleep cycles.  Being married to a doctor of optometry I get to hear a lot about it.

There are prescription lenses that block the excess blue light without affecting your color perception.  It is one more coating that the best labs can add to your lenses, along with an anti-reflective coating.

There is software that will filter out a lot of the excess blue lights at night (based upon your zip code).  The one that I use on my PCs is f.lux (www.justgetflux.com).  For my android phone I use Twilight, though there are several others that I haven't tried.  These really seem to help me fall asleep.  It turns out that the blue light affects your melatonin levels – which are needed to sleep well.  (BTW, unless you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, I have found no software that will work on those devices.) 

My wife recommends both the blue filtered lenses and the software to her patients.

Samuel also sent me a copy of the article "The Lowdown on Blue Light: Good vs. Bad, and its Connection to AMD" which was published in the Feb 2014 issue of a journal called Review of Optometry. The article has also been posted here on Facebook:


and it's definitely worth reading. I was particularly fascinated in the section titled "The Good Side of Blue Light" where the authors points out that some blue light is essential to both proper eye function and general health. So I guess I won't be wearing those amber blueblocking goggles all day long. Instead the next time I need to refresh my prescription glasses I'll probably purchase ones that use the patented Light Scan technology described in the article. For readers in Canada I found the following info on where you can get glasses with this type of lens:


Readers in other parts of the world will have to search for local opticians that are licensed to offer this product.

A reader named Scott recommended a program you can use for mitigating eyestrain on Apple devices:

Another option for blue light blocking is Zen Tech from BulletProof.  They offer covers for iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks.  Prices range from $20 - $40:


A reader named Howard shared as follows:

I am 60 years of age and lots of issues.  Well, to begin with, I have Fuchs Dystrophy, a genetic disorder of the cornea.  Problems due to diabetes, diabetic retinopathy.  I had failed surgery already for a detached retina, now only having only one eye.  I also had cataracts with a recent surgery to my remaining eye. If there is anything I have learned in the past 20 some years working at my computer, get plenty of opinions, see multiple doctors and never see someone that 'everyone recommends' unless the 'everyone' are the doctor's peers! I have been working out of my home for several years because I could not see the names of busses or the motor cycles coming down the highway at me.  I am now out and calling on businesses and individuals once more, but found my job doing QA testing on apps for Windows Phone and Android Phones and Tablets pay far better than fixing computers. Eye strain is still an issue, but I recommend an eye drop lubricant/ real tears to help out and working in the garden on sunny days!

I especially like that last comment about getting outside on sunny days. Somehow being in a sun seems a lot healthier for our eyes than being indoors all day facing a monitor screen. And since it's going to be sunny today here in Winnipeg, Canada with an expected high of 21 C which is NICE for mid-April, I'll be sure to take a break at lunchtime and get some sun outside.

Finally Allan, another reader, brought an entirely different perspective to the problem of avoiding eyestrain when working on a computer:

As someone who has been involved with IT for 3 decades now, I've managed to avoid the issues with eyestrain simply due to a disadvantage which has its advantages in that I am legally blind and thus use a screen reader to work on my computer without the need to turn on my monitor.  Now the screen reader isn't perfect and sighted assistance is occasionally required but it is another option for even those of you who are sighted. For example, you could use a screen reader while your writing your articles without turning on your screen, and then turn it on to format the article once its completed.  Alternatively, you could use a speech recognition system such as Dragon to dictate your article into Word without the need to turn on your screen, use a screen reader to spell check and review it, then turn on your screen to format and finalise the article.There have been a number of medical articles which have shown the effects of the blue wave lengths on eyestrain, alertness when driving throughout the night and disruptions in sleep patterns.

I once met a doctor who used Dragon to take notes while he was performing surgery. I'm not sure speech recognition would work well for the type of writing I do, but I might look into it sometime. Here's a link to the product if you're interested:


Now for a few other news items...


An article in The Verge says "Microsoft to deliver Windows 10 updates using peer-to-peer technology":


I find this an interesting development and I wonder how enterprises will be able to configure and manage it. I'm thinking this might leverage Branch Cache technology but I might be wrong--has anyone heard anything more about this development?

Weather channel moves from AWS to IBM cloud

Business Insider has an article that says The Weather Company (which owns the Weather Channel) has made a deal to move some of their services onto IBM SoftLayer:


I wonder what motivated this change? Is it simple cost-cutting like how Winnipeggers keep switching their wireless plans to keep getting those new customer discount packages? Sorry but it's my home town so I'm allowed to make fun of it.

Office 365 for the health care sector

Does your organization work in the health care industry? Have you been thinking about moving to Office 365 but are worried about compliance? Check out Office 365 for Health:


Don't open that microwave oven!

National Geographic reports that a mysterious class of deep space radio signals that have been picked up by large radio telescopes are actually caused by people opening the doors of their microwave ovens without pressing the Stop button first:


I wonder how many academic papers are now invalidated by this discovery?

Free White Paper: Windows Server 2003 - End of Support Guide for the Business Leader

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This guide sets out how getting ahead of the WS2003 deadline will result in greater benefits for your organization, including:

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Disable Reply All in Outlook using Group Policy

Did you know you can disable menu options and other user interface items in Microsoft Outlook by using Group Policy? For example, let's say that you want to prevent users in your organization from clicking Reply All. To do this, configure the "Disable command bar buttons and menu items" policy setting so that "Disable Items in the User Interface" under "Custom" is set to the value 355. You can also prevent users from forwarding messages by specifying the value 356 instead in this policy setting. For more information see this page in the TechNet Library:


Before you try to move your on-prem distribution groups into the cloud...

Thinking about migrating some on-premises distribution groups to the cloud via Active Directory synchronization with an Office 365 organization through Active Directory synchronization? Be careful! Microsoft has a knowledge base article saying that owners of on-premises distribution groups that are synced to Office 365 won't be able to manage the distribution group in Exchange Online, you'll need to use native Exchange tools instead:


No more split WIMs!

Need to deploy a big (greater than 4 GB) Windows imaging (WIM) file onto a UEFI system? Instead of the usual approach of using split WIMs and the headaches that come along with that solution, try using the latest version of Rufus which lets you format USB flash drives with NTFS using a GPT partition scheme so you can boot the target system from UEFI. Deployment Research, the website of Microsoft MVP Johan Arwidmark, has all the details here:


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Close Escape - Virgin Atlantic

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SketchSHE Parody By Russian Comedy Group Bonya And Kuzmich

A hilarious parody of the Australian SketchSHE girls by the Russian comedy group Bonya and Kuzmich.  "Guys! Let's go to Lena Chuchuhinoy to get milk. Off We Go!"

Cat Pushes Dog Into Swimming Pool

Two small dogs howl, bark, and bother a cat next to a swimming pool:

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