Vol. 21, #26 - June 27, 2016 - Issue #1086

Remote management security and more

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    • Possible security concerns with Intel AMT
    • Warning about MS16-072
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    • Getting a grip on Azure Resource Manager and templates
    • Avoid network traffic jams with Hyper-V Port Mirroring
    • VMware Integrated OpenStack 2.5 brings a bevy of new features
    • Comparing Citrix Workspace Cloud to XenApp and XenDesktop
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    • Who Says Women Can't Park?
    • Trunk Monkey Theft Retrieval System
    • Amazing Teamwork By Raccoon Family To Climb Over A Wall
    • Mat Franco Returns With New Magic Trick
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Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter kicks off with an article that made us pause for thought when we read it. The article digs into Intel's Active Management Technology (AMT) firmware and asks whether the underlying hardware that supports this useful remote management technology could become a vector for attackers to compromise Intel-based systems. We will also take a look at some other interesting news that busy IT professionals need to know about, plus we have the usual tips, tools and other stuff to keep you informed and entertained.
In the world of IT having one of your systems get compromised is usually a disaster. In the world of personal relationships however, compromise is often a fact life as this Dilbert comic illustrates:


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From the Mailbag

Last week in Issue #1085 Ad blocking for businesses  we asked our readers what technology or solution they use to block online ads in their office and corporate environments. We've received a bunch of helpful recommendations from you on this topic but they're still trickling in so we'll collect some of the best and publish them in next week's issue of WServerNews. Meanwhile let's look at some other interesting stuff starting with what some consider a possible security issue associated with chipsets running Intel AMT...

Possible security concerns with Intel AMT

Intel AMT is a powerful proprietary remote management technology included with systems that have Intel CPUs on their motherboards that were produced in the last seven or eight years. The technology uses hardware-based out-of-band management built into the chipset itself that lets you perform remote troubleshooting and recovery of systems experiencing problems. Management software can even use this technology to discover and audit assets on your network when those assets are powered off. For more information on Intel AMT you can read this page on Intel's website:


This Wikipedia article also gives a good overview of the technology:


All this is good and fine, but then last week a colleague pointed me to the following article by Damien Zammit on BoingBoing:

Intel x86s hide another CPU that can take over your machine (you can't audit it)


Damien's article starts off with the following arresting paragraph:

"Recent Intel x86 processors implement a secret, powerful control mechanism that runs on a separate chip that no one is allowed to audit or examine. When these are eventually compromised, they'll expose all affected systems to nearly unkillable, undetectable rootkit attacks. I've made it my mission to open up this system and make free, open replacements, before it's too late."

The key issue as I understand it from Damien's article is that anyone who obtains (or is provided with) the key Intel uses to sign the firmware supporting this technology will automatically have full access to remotely auditing and managing your computers. In other words, he seems to assert that this technology provides a backdoor to any computers you have that have Intel CPUs. Of course we have to assume that Intel must be taking appropriate steps to safeguard their firmware encryption keys, but...

Anyways, I recommend that administrators who use Intel AMT for remote management (or who simply have systems that support Intel AMT even if they don't actually use the technology) read the entirety of Damien's article and let me know what you think about Damien's concerns with this technology by emailing me at [email protected]

And if you want YMR (yet more reading) on this subject you might want to take a look at the following:

The Trouble With Intel's Management Engine (Hackaday)


"Active Management Technology": The obscure remote control in some Intel hardware (Free Software Foundation)


And in case you thought you could avoid this problem by using AMD CPUs instead, read this on GNU Libreboot:


So the only way of avoiding this as a potential security problem may be to either keep using ten-year old x86 hardware, avoid using any x86 hardware, or using ARM systems.
Or you could unplug your PC when you don't need to remotely manage it because simply flipping the power switch to Off doesn't cut off power to the chipset used for providing remote management capabilities.
Ugh. Am I getting paranoid here? Email your thoughts to me at [email protected]

Warning about MS16-072

Our friend and colleague Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP and Founder of PolicyPak Software has pointed us to the following article on his site GPAnswers.com that alerts Active Directory and Group Policy administrators to a potential problem involving MS16-072, a patch that was recently released on June 16th:

Never a dull moment with Group Policy (or what to do about MS16-072)


If any of our readers have further insights concerning this patch, feel free to email us at [email protected]

HP laptop battery concerns

HP has announced a recall of batteries for some of their laptops made between March 2013 and August 2015:


There's a button on that page that's labeled Download Utility which lets you download an EXE you can run on your HP laptop to see whether yours is one of the affected machines. I tried this just now on the 17 inch HP Envy Notebook I recently bought that had Windows 8.1 preinstalled and which I successfully (but tediously) upgraded to Windows 10 (see Issue #1049 3 am tech support for the full story on that upgrade).

SharePoint app for iOS is now available

Microsoft has just released their promised SharePoint app for the Apple iOS platform. Read more about it here:


Similar UMP and Android apps are promised for later this year. It's interesting that Microsoft seems to be prioritizing iOS over UMP (Universal Windows Platform) apps, but maybe that's not surprising considering how the Windows Mobile platform has been tanking lately.
BTW if you hear of any similar alerts or recalls that you feel our readership might be interested in being notified about, feel free to email us the info at [email protected]

Send us your feedback

Got feedback about anything in this issue of WServerNews? Email us at [email protected]

Recommended for Learning

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 Quote of the Week

"The impact of big projects can sometimes be short-lived. I think it's more powerful to do small things consistently."

--Atsuo Otsuka, founder of web design and branding company Owan which is based in the Togoshi neighborhood of Tokyo

Until next week,
Mitch Tulloch

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Admin Toolbox

Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without

GOT ADMIN TOOLS or other software/hardware you'd like to recommend? Email us at [email protected]

Get your DRaaS basics with Veeam and For Dummies. The book aims to teach you about DR best practices, DRaaS implementation tips and several key benefits of DRaaS that your business can take advantage of.


Seq is the fastest way for development teams to carry the benefits of  structured logging from development through to production:


IIS Crypto is a free tool that gives administrators the ability to enable or disable protocols, ciphers, hashes and key exchange algorithms on Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012:



This Week's Tips

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Azure - How to run Windows 10 in Azure

The following ZDNet article by Mary Jo Foley describes how Microsoft and Citrix are planning on allowing organizations to run Windows 10 Enterprise for their users in the cloud on Microsoft Azure:


Organizations looking for new ways of deploying and managing client OS infrastructures may want to hold off on their deployment plans until more details concerning this solution become available from Citrix and Microsoft.

OpsMgr - Top support solutions

Richard Hay has a slide show on Windows Supersite that shows how you can set up and use DropBox on Windows 10 instead of the less friendly (in my opinion) OneDrive cloud storage that comes by default when you use your Microsoft Account to log onto your Windows 10 machine:


Hyper-V - Quick live storage migration

Windows ITpro has a useful article on how to perform a quick live storage migration of all your virtual machines to another location:


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WServerNews FAVE Links

This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

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Who Says Women Can't Park?

To all those who say women can't park, here is your answer...


Trunk Monkey Theft Retrieval System

A funny ad about the latest innovation in car security by the Suburban Auto Group of Sandy, Oregon:


Amazing Teamwork By Raccoon Family To Climb Over A Wall

Mother raccoon and her two babies must scale a wall. Baby raccoon holds onto mommy's tail while mother hangs down to pick up the little one:


Mat Franco Returns With New Magic Trick

The winner of the ninth season of America’s Got Talent returns for a magical performance at Radio City Music Hall and receives a standing ovation:


WServerNews - Product of the Week


WServerNews - Editors

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