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RemoteApp resources

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    • Five steps to migrate your app to Docker containers
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    • A hungrier vSphere could affect lab testing
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    • Excavator Wants To Go Downhill
    • Nissan Juke RS Sets World Record For Fastest Mile On Two Wheels
    • Plane Lands On Truck
    • Dog Pops 54 Balloons In 3.3 Seconds
  10. WServerNews - Product of the Week
    • Deep Packet Inspection for Quality of Experience Monitoring


Deep Packet Inspection for Quality of Experience Monitoring

Read this whitepaper to get a detailed description of packet analysis techniques to measure high network response times, network delay, server processing times, client processing time, traffic distribution, and overall quality of experience.

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Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter is all about Azure RemoteApp, one of the more exciting things to come out of Redmond recently. But as this classic Dilbert comic strip illustrates, the lowly TV remote control has far more power to improve your life than anything Microsoft could possibly create:


Now if only we could do the same to everyone's cellphones during the morning commute on the bus...

Ask Our Readers - Need a backup solution

In the previous issue of our newsletter we received the following request from a reader named Ira:

I was told you could possibly help me track down a product I have been looking for. I am trying to find a suggestion for a third party backup solution. I'd like a program that can run from a Windows Server (2003 to current) that could back up to a local drive (i.e. a USB connected device). I have two requirements. First, it MUST preserve NTSF permissions so that if I had to do a full restore these permissions would be restored as well as the files. My second requirement is that I'd like to be able to restore the files without having to use the applications itself - for example using Windows Explorer. I current use an Altaro backup solution (which works perfectly) but it does not preserve the NTSF permissions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Several of our readers chimed in with some helpful suggestions for Ira's problem. Here's a brief selection:

Try Macrium Reflect. Fully functional 30 day trial. It backs up the full server to an image file. When you open the image file in Windows Explorer, it mounts the disk image and gives it a drive letter, and you can then access the entire disk with Windows explorer. --Bill from New Hampshire, USA


The program that I have use for one of my servers is Backup Assist. It has worked very well and restores have been quite easy.  The version I am using (V5.2.0) supports server 2003, however the current version may not since it is obsolete, although I believe version 7 does to some degree! --John, Technology Coordinator


If you are just copying files and folders, use Richcopy. Free, fast and preserves NTFS permissions AND allows you to restore from Windows Explorer.


Robocopy would be my 2nd choice. --Greg from Ontario, Canada

Very simple app and its portable: Karen's Replicator. It used to be at karenware.com.  She passed away a number of years ago, complications of diabetes, I believe.  The app should be out there somewhere.  I bought her CD of all her apps years ago and always followed her articles in WinMag. --Howard from Brazil


Ask Our Readers: WServerNews has almost 100,000 subscribers worldwide. That's a lot of expertise to tap into. Do you need help with some issue or need advice on something IT-related? Got a question you'd like us to toss out to our readers to try and answer? Email us at [email protected]

From the Mailbag

In Issue #1035 Security Briefs, we included the following tip from a reader named Phil:

Recently while experimenting with the features of "Remote Desktop Connection", I uncovered what I consider a problem using Windows 10 and the new "Edge" (Spartan Project) Browser. It doesn't support "Remote Web Access". The error reads: "This function is supported only by Microsoft Internet Explorer" I submitted feedback to Microsoft on this, but I would like "WServer News" to take a look at this. (It does work fine in W10 using IE)

Jeffrey comments that:

...this issue is not specific to RDP, but will affect many other web based applications that are dependent on Active-X or other plug-in technologies that Edge currently does not support. Microsoft has previously stated that Edge will have a number of compatibility issues with applications reliant on legacy plug-ins (which, I believe, includes Java).  That is why they have continued to rely on IE 11 in compatibility mode for such legacy applications. Microsoft has stated that they plan to build a new secure plug-in architecture for Edge, but that is one of those features that will be released later. Here is the Microsoft article that discusses this:


Thanks for that. I still think it's going to be "helpdesk hell" however in large enterprises where users still need to use IE to access intranet portals and so on.

And now on to the main topic of this week's issue...

RemoteApp resources

RemoteApp of course is a popular and well-known feature of Remote Desktop Services that was originally introduced in Windows Server 2008 R2. By using RemoteApp you can make programs accessed remotely through Remote Desktop Services look and feel like they are installed and running on the user's local computer. With Azure RemoteApp however, Microsoft has taken RemoteApp technologies to the next level by allowing users to run Windows applications anywhere on almost any kind of device including devices running Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. So instead of needing to deploy Remote Desktop Services on-premises, you can simply deploy RemoteApps directly from the cloud. To help you get started we've put together the following list of resources for you.

Microsoft Virtual Academy on-demand course

Corporate Apps Anywhere, Anytime with Microsoft Azure RemoteApp (Level 200)


What is Azure RemoteApp?


Azure RemoteApp FAQ


Windows Apps in the Cloud: Introducing Microsoft Azure RemoteApp


Exploring the Azure RemoteApp User Experience


Deploy Azure RemoteApp collection to your Azure Virtual Network (with support for ExpressRoute)


Azure RemoteApp TechNet Wiki


Everything about Microsoft Azure RemoteApp (ARA)


Sign up for Azure RemoteApp


Azure RemoteApp videos on YouTube


Have you tried out Azure RemoteApp yet? What do you think of it? Any ideas for improving it? Email your comments and suggestions to us at [email protected]

Send us your feedback

Got feedback about anything in this issue of WServerNews? Email us at [email protected]

Recommended for Learning

Deploying and Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: Tools for cloud-based and hybrid environments

Microsoft Press is pleased to announce the availability of Deploying and Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: Tools for cloud-based and hybrid environments (ISBN 9781509300655), by Charlie Russel.


Microsoft Virtual Academy

Building Your Datacenter One DSC Resource at a Time

Watch this on-demand course and learn how to get control of your datacenter, from infrastructure to applications, using Desired State Configuration (DSC) resources.  The course explores DSC resources that enable you to configure and manage your datacenter needs, including infrastructure, such as DHCP and DNS, and virtualization with Hyper-V and Microsoft Azure. Plus we look at ways to control your applications and databases, from Exchange to MySQL.  Watch here.


Manage Skype for Business

Get up to speed quickly on Skype for Business Online.  View lots of demos in this course for IT Pros, as you find out how to configure, administer and troubleshoot Skype for Business Online.

And don't miss the discussion on how to configure and manage Skype for Business with PowerShell, along with troubleshooting tips and tricks.  View the course here.


Quote of the Week

"The great myth of our times is that technology is communication." --Libby Larsen

Until next week,
Mitch Tulloch

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Admin Toolbox

Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without

TeraCopy lets you copy and move files at the maximum possible speed:

PowerShell Pipeworks gives you powerful tools you can use to write websites in PowerShell:

The HyperLink HG2458-5RD is a high performance Dual Band rubber-duck antenna that eliminates the need to buy different antennas for each WiFi frequency band.

GOT ADMIN TOOLS or other software/hardware you'd like to recommend? Email us at [email protected] 

This Week's Tips

Error running Adobe Reader as a RemoteApp

If you try deploying Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.x as a RemoteApp on a Remote Desktop Session Host running Windows Server 2012 R2, you'll probably get this error message why you try to launch the RemoteApp:

Adobe Reader has stopped working

Apparently that's because Acrobat Reader 11.x isn't compatible with RD Session Hosts running Windows Server 2012 or later. A workaround is to disable protected mode via the following DWORD registry key:

HKLM\software\policies\adobe\acrobat reader\11.0\featurelockdown\bProtectedMode=0

This is documented in the following thread on the TechNet Forums:


Running Outlook as an Azure RemoteApp

Running Microsoft Outlook as an Azure RemoteApp is a supported scenario. But make sure you use cached mode for Outlook or you may run into some performance problems. This thread on the TechNet Forums explains it in detail:


Viewing deleted DNS records

If you have Active Directory Recycle Bin enabled in an environment where your domain controllers are running Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2 and you delete some DNS records from an Active Directory integrated DNS zone, the deleted records will be moved to the Active Directory Recycle Bin. Unfortunately you won't see the deleted records in the Deleted Objects container in the Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC) UI. That's because the ADAC only displays deleted objects from the Domain partition in Active Directory and not from the DNS Application partition.

However, you should be able to view your deleted DNS records with Windows PowerShell by running commands like these:

Get-ADObject -SearchBase "CN=Deleted Objects,DC=ForestDnsZones,DC=contoso,DC=com" -filter *includeDeletedObject {($_.ObjectClass -like "dns*")}

Get-ADObject -SearchBase "CN=Deleted Objects,DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=contoso,DC=com" -filter *includeDeletedObject {($_.ObjectClass -like "dns*")}

For more information on Active Directory Recycle Bin, see my article Configuring Active Directory Recycle Bin on WindowsNetworking.com:


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Tech Briefing

Amazon AWS

Doing your Database on AWS (Part 2) (InsideAWS.com)


Archiving Data to Amazon AWS (Part 3) (InsideAWS.com)



Configuring virtual machines using PowerShell (VirtualizationAdmin.com)


Taking Control of VM Sprawl (Part 5) (VirtualizationAdmin.com)


Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

The Azure RMS Connector (Part 2) (MSExchange.org)


Product Review: QUADROtech ArchiveShuttle (MSExchange.org)


Security and Privacy

How a malicious email can spoil the wonder of your server security (MSExchange.org)


Remote SQL Logging for Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 using Microsoft Azure (ISAserver.org)



Storage Spaces Survival Guide (Links to presentations, articles, blogs, tools) (Jose Barreto's Blog)


Testing Storage Spaces Direct using Windows Server 2016 virtual machines (Clustering and High-Availability Blog)


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Windows Server News

Five steps to migrate your app to Docker containers

Today, Docker containers are taking the cloud world by storm.  One of the many reasons they're so popular is that users can manage and scale containers as clusters, but, as enterprises prepare to move applications to containers, it's vital to understand the app migration process. Discover the top five basic steps to take to move your apps to Docker containers.

Identifying failure points in your vital deployment

When it comes to server virtualization, if something goes wrong, it can lead to a major outage. Unfortunately, eliminating every potential failure point is usually prohibitively expensive. Instead, learn how to protect your virtual infrastructure from a single point of failure by mapping potential failures and assessing your business needs.

What affects virtual server and desktop density

Though virtual desktops and virtual servers share a similar concept, there are also important features that distinguish these technologies from each other. One of the key distinctions is how memory and workload type affect density. Find out more about the important differences between these technologies and what affects virtual server and desktop density the most.

A hungrier vSphere could affect lab testing

The higher requirements and fewer new resources in vSphere 6 are negatively affecting lab plans.  Learn why setting up a vSphere 6 lab will be hard for users in smaller environments looking to run tests, what difficulties you may encounter, and what you should start considering instead.


WServerNews FAVE Links

This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

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Excavator Wants To Go Downhill

A true professional, who knows how to control his heavy machinery to absolute perfection:

Nissan Juke RS Sets World Record For Fastest Mile On Two Wheels

Stunt driver Terry Grant sets the Guinness world record for the fastest mile on two wheels (2 min 10 sec) at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, England:

Plane Lands On Truck

World renowned aerobatic instructor and airshow performer Greg Koontz manages to land his Piper Cub light aircraft right on top of a moving truck:

Dog Pops 54 Balloons In 3.3 Seconds

Super talented Border Collie 'Jumpy' can pop 54 balloons in 3.3 seconds:

WServerNews - Product of the Week

Deep Packet Inspection for Quality of Experience Monitoring

Read this whitepaper to get a detailed description of packet analysis techniques to measure high network response times, network delay, server processing times, client processing time, traffic distribution, and overall quality of experience.

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