Vol. 23, #16 - April 23, 2018 - Issue #1178

WServerNews: Ask Our Readers - Need a good clipboard replacement

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Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter is all about replacing the Windows clipboard with something more useful. This particular Ask Our Readers question was raised by myself a few issues back as a lot of the work I do as an IT professional involves various forms of written communication with readers, colleagues, and partners or clients. So any way I can save time by using some form of intelligent cut-and-paste or a click-to-select template is a good thing for my business since time equals money. But maybe the equation isn't as simple as that? Let's find out from Dogbert:


BTW we also have a bunch of new events listed in our Events Calendar so pack your bags and get ready to travel to Las Vegas and other exiting places--woohoo! Well, you and I might not be going but Wally certainly will:



Ask Our Readers!

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Ask Our Readers - Using MSFT RDP client with 4k display (new question!)

This week a reader named Ian sent us the following question:

I have a question for the folks that replied about RDP clients. Have they used them on a newer machine with a 4K display? My new laptop has a 4k display. The MSFT RDP clients connect fine to the remote machines. However, I have issues with the mouse pointer in the remote session. The remote session is not 4K, so the mouse pointer ends up being super tiny on the screen, and hard to find at times. Wondering if any of these tools fix that issue?

If any readers can suggest a fix for Ian's problem please email me at [email protected]


Ask Our Readers - Third-party RDP apps? (one more reader recommendation)

A few weeks ago John a sysadmin in Perth, Australia asked us the following question:

Microsoft has its own Remote Desktop Protocol apps for Windows, iOS, and Android and they're free on each platform's store. But what about third-party RDP apps? What's out there that the WServerNews community like to use? I'd love to hear from what other IT pros think about this. And why you use what you use. Thanks!!

We devoted much of last week's issue of WServerNews to sharing reader responses to John's question, and since then we received one more recommendations that we wanted to share. Frank from Germany says:

Hi Mitch, the one and only I'm using day-in and day-out is Royal TS:


which is quite affordable and also has tons of features and goodies…

Ask Our Readers - Prevent use of MS Edge (update to an earlier response)

Also a few weeks ago we included an item from a reader named Alessandro who asked whether Microsoft Edge can somehow be removed from Windows 10:

Hello Mitch! We have moved on to Win10 but our intranet it still needs IE. So we do not want Edge on our machines! How can we remove?? Or block users from starting it??

Last week we published a detailed response from a reader named Jeremy that involved Group Policy and included some screenshots. A few days ago Jeremy contacted us with this update to his earlier walkthrough:

Quick edit on my write up below if you plan to copy in some of email into the newsletter. The DLP inspection for Edge stopped working in version 1607 instead of 1703. In regards to my parenthetical note.

Please take note of this if you try implementing Jeremy's earlier suggestion.

Ask Our Readers - Reply in Outlook with a template (another suggestion)

And a few weeks ago Avim from Israel sent us the following question:

Hi. I work as helpdesk for a small software company. I use Outlook and I would like to be able to reply to customer emails, by selecting a standard answer from a set of possible answers. What's the easiest way of doing this with Outlook? Is there some VBA code I can use, or maybe a free tool available? BTW doesn't have to be free…

Werner from Wien, Austria offers the following suggestion:

I can recommend the Outlook add-in Bells & Whistles. Free trial available. Afterwards one time 29,95 USD.


I am using it for years and are very satisfied with it.

Looks like a great Outlook add-in. Thanks!

Ask Our Readers - Need a good clipboard replacement (responses from readers)

Now let's move on to the question I asked several issues ago. I said that I was looking for a good clipboard replacement tool/service that replaces the built-in Windows clipboard and has at a minimum the following characteristics:

Additional features that could be useful might be:

Chris from Toronto, Canada offered this suggestion to me:

I faced the same situation you described a few years ago where I needed a more powerful clipboard to paste multiple items or run a certain amount of key strokes from a macro. Take a look at this product called Arsclip. It can be found at JoeJoe's freeware utilities:


That looks pretty cool so I think I might give it a try!

Wayne, an IT Coordinator in Perth, Australia sent us this comment:

I have to give Ditto a big thumbs up:


as it allows me have multiple pieces of text sit on the clipboard for usage as needed. You can also edit your clipped pieces in the ditto editor if needed. It allows a large database of clipped items and can be searched.

Kevin, an ICT Engineer based in Ireland offered this suggestion:

Don't know any standalone clipboards. I use the clipboard function in OneNote (WinKey + S). It stores everything in OneNote as part of a notebook each time you copy.

Yep, been there tried that. Thanks!

And finally Michel who is a Professor of Computer Information Systems for a School of Business & Management at a university in Vermont, USA sent us the following helpful suggestions:

Hello, I noticed your question about storing text easily. Macros are an important time-saving tool and they also reduce errors. Two solutions leapt to mind:

1.In MS-OFFICE applications, the spelling dictionary provides the opportunity to store text macros. The key is to use a format that won't occur by chance in normal text; I use =<string>= as my standard format for macros. For examples, see the first attached screenshot. These macros are available in any of the MS-OFFICE applications:


2.My preferred option is the macro tool KEYTEXT3 which is available at modest cost here:


Here's a screenshot showing a sampling of my macros:


Most of them are ways to put editing comments into essay/report submissions; a few of them (not included in the image) are passwords; some are entire form letters frequently used in responding to students or applicants. The advantage of the separate macro program is that it is not limited to MS-OFFICE applications.

As for cloud storage, I use DROPBOX to synchronize different computers. It automatically ensures that any change in a shared file on one computer is propagated to the equivalent file on any other computer in the system. Any other file-sharing/synchronization system would work as well.

That's very helpful, thank you!!

If any other readers have suggestions on this topic you can email me at [email protected]


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Factoid of the Week - Need a payphone? Good luck!

Last week's factoid and questionwas this:

Hong Kong's richest man, Li Ka-shing, recently announced his retirement as chairman of CK Hutchison Holdings. Where did the pumping gesture used with the "ka-ching!" expression originate? 

I don't know and I was kinda hoping that one of our readers might have the answer, but no one sent us a response to this one so let's move on to this week's factoid:


Fact: There are still about 100,000 payphones remaining across the USA.


Question: When was the last time you saw a phone? And when did you last use one?

Email your answer to us at [email protected]

Until next week, 

Mitch Tulloch


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Kernel for PST Split lets you easily split large PST files into smaller parts to speed Outlook performance:


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Microsoft Office - The Clipboard can do THAT?!

I found a post this morning by The Training Lady that explains a little known feature of the Clipboard in Microsoft Office that allows you to paste any combination of the last 24 items that you've copied to the Clipboard:


Remember however that the Office Clipboard is still only a temporary location for storing content.

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