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Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter has some reviews of some new titles on wireless networking and wireless sensor networks from CRC Press plus our usual assortment of tips, tools, links to articles, and some fun videos. BTW I'm a big fan of CRC Press as their books can be quite technical so reading them helps keep my brain from shriveling up from lack of use. Of course trying to read stuff that's TOO technical can result in your catching a nasty bout of brain overload as this Dilbert comic strip illustrates:


Ouch, I think I broke my brain.


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Security and Data Reliability in Cooperative Wireless Networks (CRC Press)

In traditional wireless networking each client device communicates with the base station independently of all other client devices. The basic idea behind cooperative communication in wireless networking is for client devices to share their communications capabilities in various ways with the idea of improving the overall quality of all of the wireless links between the clients and the base station. For example, single-antenna devices could share their antennas cooperatively to create a distributed "virtual" antenna array with the result that overall communications are improved and power consumption is minimized. Emad Hassan's book explores the basic ideas behind cooperative communications in wireless networks and proposes relay and jammer selection schemes for improving security in both one- and two-way cooperative networks. The book also delves deeply into physical layer security in wireless networks and explains the different kinds of wireless sensor networks used for industrial control and monitoring, home automation, and other commercial and military uses. In this sense Emad's book is forward-looking and extends our understanding of how wireless network communications can evolve to ensure better performance and greater security. The book concludes with several appendices listing the MATLAB simulation codes used to model the results presented in several of chapters. The intended audience of this book is mainly engineers doing research in wireless networking so the level of mathematical background needed to follow some of the modelling is senior undergraduate and graduate level. You can buy this book on Amazon here:



Wireless Sensor Networks: Deployment Strategies for Outdoor Monitoring (CRC Press)

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) differ from more traditional wireless networks where you have multiple clients communicating independently through one or more base station. With WSNs however there's little or no underlying infrastructure and you may have anywhere from a handful to thousands of sensor nodes working together to monitor some environment. These sensors then communicate through a wireless channel by making use of a gateway sensor node to the server or administrative workstation that processes their output. WSNs are typically tiny low-powered devices that use a wireless transceiver to communicate with one another to form a network. WSNs can either be deployed in an unstructured, ad hoc way or in a preplanned fashion to provide better coverage of the environment being monitored. Examples of what can be monitored by such sensor networks include physical parameters like humidity, pressure, temperature, mechanical stress, noise levels, and so on. Fadi Al-Turjman in his book provides some basic background information on WSNs and explores strategies for deployment and routing of sensor information through wireless networks. Grid-based and non-grid models are explored for deploying federated WSNs, and issues that may limit the usability and lifetime of WSNs in harsh outdoor environments are examined in detail using simulations. As our cities and workplaces transform through the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) automation and monitoring, WSNs are similarly evolving from application-specific monitoring to large-scale multi-user applications that herald the emergence of "smart cities" where data both personal and public are gathered, analyzed, and used for monitoring and alerting purposes. There is some advanced-level maths in Fadi's book but not that much, and the basic ideas presented should be accessible to most IT professionals. You can buy this book on Amazon here:


Hierarchical Topology Control for Wireless Networks: Theory, Algorithms, and Simulation (CRC Press)

As mentioned above the smart cities of the future will depend heavily on wireless networking and wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to achieve their goals in automation, monitoring, and control. A key limiting factor in the operation of such networks is choosing the best topology that can ensure optimal performance while limiting energy usage and maximizing sensor lifetime. This book co-written by several Chinese researchers provides a good introduction to the subject of topology control and the various algorithms commonly used for creating the virtual backbone that connects WSNs together. I found the first chapter to be a very good introduction on how wireless networks have evolved, the various categories of wireless networks, the architecture of ad hoc wireless networks, and the technologies and uses of WSNs, so if you're new to the subject of WSNs the first chapter is well worth the price of the book. The mathematics gets heavier as the book progress into the topics of topology control in wireless networks, clustering routing protocols in ad-hoc wireless networks, and other subjects of more specialized interest to researchers and engineers working with WSNs and wireless networks. You can buy this book on Amazon here:



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Factoid of the Week - In search of perfect sound

Last week's factoid and questionwas this:

Lycos has finally discontinued its free Lycos Mail service as of June 1, 2018. Who still has fond memories of using Lycos?

So far no one has responded to this one, so either (a) everyone's too busy to answer, or (b) nobody used Lycos except me, or (c) whatever. So let's move on to this week's factoid:

Fact: Digital downloads of music are now being outsold by CDs and vinyl. 


Question: Vinyl? Who actually buys vinyl records nowadays? I know somebody must because there is a large vinyl record section at McNally-Robinson bookstore here in Winnipeg. See this news item from their website a couple of years ago:


But who actually buys vinyl records, and why? Can any of our readers enlighten us concerning this mystery?

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