Vol. 22, #43 - October 23, 2017 - Issue #1154

WServerNews: Do I Really Need a Network Security Policy?

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Editor's Corner

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This week's newsletter is all about whether or not companies, even small businesses, should have a network security policy in place. To enlighten us about this subject we welcome Chris Brandow, a Partner and Founder of Invision, a company that provides IT solutions and support for businesses in the Kansas City metro area of the USA. We also have various tips, news items, and fun stuff as usual, including a HOT TIP from a reader about how you can deal with distractions in your workplace.

Anyways, life as usual, yeah, that's certainly what we try to be about here at the Editorial Desk of WServerNews. We know what our subscribers want so we keep on delivering it week in week out. A lot of companies can succeed in the long run by simply doing "business as usual" but as this Dilbert comic illustrates sometimes it can be a bit too much:



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And now on to our guest editorial for this week's newsletter...


Do I Really Need a Network Security Policy?

What is a Network Security Policy (NSP)?

Generally, the NSP is a document or set of documents that explain the accepted use of, protection of and consequences for abusing the Information Technology assets at the organization. This set of evolving documents should be visited periodically and updated per technology changes and employee requirements. Sub-topics in this Top-Level policy might include Acceptable Use Policy, Computer Use Policy, Internal Access Policy, External Access Policy, Mobile Device Policy, etc.

Do I need a Network Security Policy?

Even a small company should have some guidelines of expectations for the network and resources. Those expectations are in regards to the managers, employees and even outside vendors that have access to those resources. They may not all have the same guidelines, but they should all be defined for what is and what is not acceptable use. What should be protected and how. It should define the consequences for ignoring the guidelines, and what to do in case of a data breach.

But we are a Small Company. Is it really necessary?

Every company has digital assets. Defining yours and then setting up a plan to protect those assets is in your best interest. Even if you don't have an internal IT department, consult with your outsourced IT management company to help you develop a policy. Trust this, someone somewhere wants what you have. What are you doing to prevent them from stealing it?

OK, you've convinced me, what should I do now?

Now that you realize you need a NSP, where do you begin? There are many guides online that can help you with a starting place. Determining what kind(s) of policies you might need is the first step. The AUP, Acceptable, or Appropriate Use Policy is generally a good cornerstone. This will spell out what the users of your network can and shouldn't do with the network resources. It should be as explicit as possible to prevent misinterpreted guidelines.

You mentioned enforcement?

As part of the guidelines, determining the appropriate level of disciplinary action against abusers is vital to the policy. It should be spelled out and enforced when abuse happens. After all, this is your company's data and infrastructure we are talking about. If it were gone, would your business survive? That's serious and should be enforced as such.

Additional resources

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About Chris Brandow

Chris Brandow has been working with computers since 1987 and as a network administrator since 1993. From December 1993 to December 1996, he was the network administrator for the #1 communications software developer in the world, Datastorm Technologies, Inc. In December 1996, Chris began his consulting career in the Kansas City metro area serving a diversity of clients. In July of 2001, Chris, along with Tim Blakley and Keith Powell, created Invision.

You can find Invision on LinkedIn


on Facebook


and on Google+


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Factoid of the Week

Last week's factoid and questionwas this:

Apple computers were the general purpose computers to impose censorship over what programs the user can install. So why do we still use Apple products?

One of our readers named Don provided us with a good answer to this question as follows:

I personally think they drank the Apple cool aide :-)

But from what I see, limiting the choices for software means fewer decisions to make. So I can just run to the Apple store, grab the latest IPad, go to ITunes grab some apps and I'm ready to go.

Or get an Android download some apps, try them, download some more, try them. Spend 3 days deleting and defragging the apps I didn't like.

Now let's move on to this week's factoid:

Fact: Using an air freshener in you automobile can be dangerous!

Source: http://www.wservernews.com/go/glryrzhj/

Question: What do our readers think about using air fresheners in enclosed areas like offices? I personally find most of them irritating for my eyes so I've banned them around here--what about your home or organization?

Email your thoughts to me if you have any: [email protected]

Until next week, 

Mitch Tulloch


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This Week's Tips

IT work - Dealing with workplace distractions

In the Factoid of the Week section of our last two issue of WServerNews myself and some readers speculated on whether mild autism might be a success indicator for the IT profession. I wasn't really serious in raising this issue but it did lead to an interesting discussion and also the following tip from a reader named Mark from the UK:

Hey Mitch, can't comment with any authority on autism - although I have wondered about myself when I feel over-stimulated by my environment, people knocking on doors while 2 phones ring simultaneously and obnoxious food odours from down the open plan office.

I am a fan however of Cal Newport and Deep Work:


Haven't convinced my boss to formalize a few hours of deep work per week yet but when I'm able - high quality noise cancelling headphones (as opposed to earphones) and the Noisli extension for Chrome - bliss and a sense of achievement:


My 2c worth (cos I have no affiliation to any of the entities mentioned :-)

What do our readers think about this? Are distractions making your job harder as an IT professional? Do you sometimes use noise cancelling headphones when you perform certain tasks at work? Send us your comments: [email protected]

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