Vol. 22, #44 - October 30, 2017 - Issue #1155

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Editor's Corner

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In this week's newsletter we'll catch up with some of the latest issues involving data privacy that businesses and organizations are facing. Just don't tell anyone about what we're talking about because it's private--shhhh.

Naturally we also have lots of other stuff for you as well, including some tips, tools, links to various tutorials and news items, and some fun stuff. But keep it quiet and don't let anyone else know what's in this issue of WServerNews. After all, knowledge is power, so if you're the only one who has the knowledge then you have all the power, right?

Dogbert of course has more knowledge than anyone so that must be the source of his all-encompassing power:



Coming up this week in FitITproNews

In this week's issue of FitITproNews we interview a guy who works at Microsoft and who used to be a typical "fat IT pro" the way I used to be. Here's a photo of him before he dedicated himself to getting fit:


I won't show you the photo of him today, you'll have to wait until FitITproNews arrives in your inbox on Wednesday to see him now. All I can say is, you'll be TOTALLY AMAZED!!!

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And now on to our guest editorial for this week's newsletter...


From the Mailbag

Last week in Issue #1154 Do I Really Need a Network Security Policy? we included a tip about how IT pros can deal with workplace distractions where we shared some reader suggestions we received on this topic. One of these reader comments was from a reader named Mark from the UK who said that he uses noise cancelling headphones whenever possible. This prompted another reader named Charles to send us the following comment:

My Bose noise cancelling headphones are a life saver when it comes to getting work done. With all the parts of IT around me needing interaction, I just sometimes need that 'quiet space' of my own to concentrate and get tasks completed.

I've heard good things about Bose headphones myself, here's a link if you want to find out more:


And earlier in Issue #1153 Will automation kill IT jobs? we discussed whether automation is going to kill the job market for us IT professionals. Joanne who is the IT Director for a Canadian company sent us some feedback on this topic:

Interesting question given that the first step was the outsourcing of IT jobs to service providers and outsourcing of server management to cloud providers! Our company is going thru both these processes which leaves the issue for my boss and myself as to how I can continue to bring value to our company. The majority of the day to day tasks now go thru a centralized helpdesk but making decisions or approving technology suggested by a service provider -- who has a financial interest in what they are selling -- still, falls to me. And since we are small I still get people popping by my office for extremely urgent but non-critical items. I'm also taking on more short term projects to fix processes as well as create new ones as our business tries to stay flexible and relevant in a changing business landscape. So while I still have my fingers in IT, they are not anywhere as deep as they once were. Instead of my day being filled with answering questions and monitoring/trying to fix IT equipment my day is filled with answering questions and monitoring/trying to fix processes!

And now on to some privacy news items that may be of interest to many of our readers…


What time is it? 

Gizmodo has a disturbing article titled "Smartwatches for Kids Are a Total Privacy Nightmare" which you should read if you're a parent:


I've been thinking for years that replacing real parental contact with technology can be a bad thing in so many ways, and this article only confirms my earlier thinking. What about you? What do IT pros who have kids think about the pros and cons of using technology to try to ensure the safety and development of your children? Email us at [email protected] with your thoughts on this subject. 


Holland lays down the law

The Dutch Data Protection Authority has issued a ruling that the automatic collection and processing of data by Windows 10 breaches Dutch data protection laws:


I think it's about time a national government took Microsoft to task for doing this, but I have my doubts that it's going to significantly change how software and cloud services companies are increasingly engaging in such practices. 


Microsoft vs. the US government

Another news item about Microsoft and digital privacy has to do with the Supreme Court agreeing to hear a dispute between the US government and Microsoft over the matter of how emails are stored offshore:


I suppose this particular case has more to do with the US government wanting to gain access to domestic email communications stored offshore in order to obtain information that can be utilized in prosecuting criminal matters. Microsoft has been resisting such attempts and some would say that's a good thing on their part while others might disagree. Either way, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out next June when SCOTUS wraps up all their pending cases for the season. 


Is email the weakest link in your IT security?

We'll actually be publishing an article on this soon on our techgenix.com website where we hear what a seasoned expert things about this subject. Meanwhile here's an article from Krebs On Security that provides a kind of worst-case scenario on what can happen if your email system is breached:


Why is my iPhone lying to me?

I guess I better check my iPad too after reading this article titled "iOS 11: toggling wifi and Bluetooth in Control Centre doesn't actually turn them off" from The Guardian newspaper:


Oh, my iPad is still running iOS 10 so I guess I'm OK for now.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Canadian film director David Cronenberg has made some interesting films including Eastern Promises and A History of Violence, but he's probably most famous for the line "Be afraid, be very afraid" that Geena Davis utters in the movie The Fly and which Dennis Hopper weirdly echoed in the movie Americano:


So what should people be afraid of these days? How about this article titled "I asked Tinder for my data. It sent me 800 pages of my deepest, darkest secrets" from The Guardian:


Does this kind of thing send shivers up and down your spine? Or are we so used to having our privacy violated by tech companies that we simply no longer care? Email me your thoughts: [email protected]

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Factoid of the Week

Last week's factoid and questionwas this:

Using an air freshener in you automobile can be dangerous! What do our readers think about using air fresheners in enclosed areas like offices?

Well it turns out that it's not only air fresheners that can cause fires or explosions in cars if left unattended. A reader named Bernhard told us this story:

In regards to the air freshener exploding, an acquaintance of mine told me something that he saw when leaving a rugby match from a stadium on a rather hot day. As everyone was walking out of the stadium in the car park, the large container of mace (self-defense teargas spray) opened up at a seam due to the pressure inside from the heat in the car. The mace was also a variant that contained paint. Needless to say that the entire inside of the car was covered with that stuff. Mace is supposed to be used in small amounts. In this case, the entire content of the large bottle was released in inside the closed car.

Ugh! I told Bernhard that this must have been an awful mess to clean up and he replied:

Considering that it is teargas with paint, the entire contents of that container emptied out because of the pressure caused by heat. Opening up that door must have been terrible. I wonder how long it took to get the smell out. My acquaintance saw it happening in the car and decided that he wanted nothing to do with the matter while he was walking to his car.

Another response we received on this topic was from Ted from Ontario, Canada who also included a recommendation worth paying attention to:

I don't use air fresheners because I find the odours offensive. Another reason to avoid them in a vehicle is that they are usually hung from the makeup, er, rear view mirror. There they are a particularly effective blind spot, just the right place to hide a pedestrian.

Pedestrian killed by air freshener while crossing street--what a headline. To avoid of course.

Now let's move on to this week's factoid:

Fact: Sales reps only make 1.3 call attempts before giving up and moving on. 


Question: Do you think voicemail might have something to do with this? What's the best (or strangest or funniest) voicemail message you've ever used or experienced? My own favorite for a useful one is "You reached my phone. Text me instead. I do not listen to messages." What's your own favorite way of avoiding annoying marketing phone calls? 

Email your thoughts to me if you have any: [email protected]

Until next week, 

Mitch Tulloch


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This Week's Tips

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update - Default save location

Rod Trent's myITforum informs us that upgrading Windows 10 to Fall Creators Update ends up resetting your locations for saving documents, pictures, etc back to their defaults. So if you've deliberately changed these locations you'll need to follow the steps outlined here:



Windows Server - Planning on using Storage Spaces Direct?

The release notes for the just released version 1709 of Windows Server indicates that Microsoft appears to be taking their Storage Spaces Direct feature back to the drawing board. So if you're using this feature or were planning on using it, you might want to buy a new box of chalk. 

Read the v.1709 release notes here to find out more:


Windows Server Essentials - Wither goeth thee?

Many small businesses have bought into the Windows Server Essentials messaging that deploying WSE is the way they ought to go. But now it appears that WSE is not included in the latest version 1709 of Windows Server:


Does this mean that WSE is dead in the water? We don't know yet, so if you're not using it but thinking of using it you may want to hold off for a while until the messaging becomes clear from Microsoft concerning the future of this SKU of Windows Server. 

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Where Did I Leave My Donkey?

A funny scene from the Moroccan Desert:


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