Vol. 23, #20 - May 21, 2018 - Issue #1182

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Editor's Corner

In this week's newsletter we catch up with some news and stuff relating to IT security. And of course we have lots of other interesting stuff so be sure to read everything from start to finish! Are you ready? Are you set? Go! Hurry!!

And here's a totally off-topic Dilbert comic today:


Ever have nightmares like that?


Ask Our Readers - Moving server folders in Windows Server 2012 Essentials

A reader named Kevin from Colorado, USA sent us the following question:

Hi fellow techies. I've been a Windows desktop tech for over 20 years, but haven't done that much with servers until recently. One of the things I've done for years to protect user files is move the user folders off of the OS drive so if you lose Windows, you don't lose the user files. The blogs I've read seem to indicate that this has NOT been recommended in Windows Server through version 2008. However, 2012 Server Essentials Experience actually has an option to move the "server folders", including the "users" folder, off the C drive, and you will get an alert if you don't.

What I'd like to know is why they went to so much trouble to do this when it DOESN'T WORK. I've tried it a half-dozen times and it crashes and undoes the changes each time. Usually I get an error message that says there's a file open, so the whole process aborts. I've found the 'phantom users' in the process, and shut down services to free up files, but the last time the error was the nt.dat file for MY username being open. Does anyone know how to get this to work?

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From the Mailbag

Last week in Issue #1181 Windows alert and what's coming in Windows Server 2019 we mentioned that an alert reader named Charles had discovered that upgrading Windows 10 to the April 2018 Update (v.1803) had deleted his existing Restore Points and turned System Restore off on several systems he upgraded. I asked readers whether anyone else had experienced something similar and one reader named Carl replied as follows:

All Restore Points were deleted, but System Restore settings were left alone.

Now as if this isn't bad enough, we now have word from James O'Neill a former IT pro Evangelist at Microsoft that upgrading to v.1803 also trashes a bunch of functionality of the PowerShell ISE. Here is James's twitter post on the issue:


Personally I feel that Microsoft made a mistake laying off most of their software test engineers back in mid-2014. The idea was that FTE testers weren't needed since tens of millions of users would help shake the bugs out of Windows 10 and allow for more rapid development of the platform. Here's a ComputerWorld article from early 2015 that tried to paint a positive picture of Microsoft's decision:


Now I don't know about you but personally I don't like being made a "coal mine canary" to help Microsoft improve its products. I want an OS that works, one that has been tested for a broad range of consumer and business scenarios *before* it's offered to me for purchase. In my opinion one skilled tester is worth a million consumers in terms of ensuring product quality. But that's just my own two cents.

And now on to the main topic of this week's newsletter…


More patches coming for Intel CPUs

BleepingComputer reports that OS vendors have been releasing more security patches for Intel CPU flaws because they didn't properly understand the problem in the first place:


FWIW the problem may have been Intel's whose documentation of their CPU features may not have been complete or comprehensive enough.

Another Intel CPU vulnerability

And if Meltdown and Spectre aren't enough to try and deal with, security researchers have found another side-channel attack against Intel CPUs that they've named BranchScope that can be exploited by an attacker to obtain potentially sensitive information they normally would not be able to access directly. SecurityWeek has the details:


Malware targeting MikroTik routers

Kaspersky Labs has discovered a powerful multi-layer malware that is spread through routers. The malware which has been named "Slingshot" has been active since 2012 and currently affects only MikroTik routers and can be fixed via a firmware update. But the possibility it may be infecting other manufacturers' routers must be considered. Read more on the Kaspersky website:


Check with your router vendor to see whether your routers might be vulnerable to Slingshot and whether the vendor has released updated firmware. 


SSO implementations based on SAML may be vulnerable

A widespread vulnerability has been discovered in single sign-on (SSO) products that is caused by an issue with SAML libraries used by these products. Duo Labs discovered this issue and describes it in detail here:


To find out whether your SSO product might be effected, see this page from CERT:


Chrome users beware!

Motherboard repoprts that Andrey Meshkov the cofounder of AdGuard has discovered that the AdRemover extension for Chrome may actually be malware:


If you still have AdRemover installed in Chrome you may want to remove it.

Hacking a Point-of-Sale scanner

The Register reports that a security researcher has discovered it can be possible to use the mere reflection of a QR code on a PoS scanner to take ownership of tokens used for making mobile payments:


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Factoid of the Week - I love my Beemer

Last week's factoid and question  was this:

Businesses are sabotaging one another by pushing false information into Google Maps. Has anyone ever experienced Google Maps leading you astray (scroogling you) like this? Or heard about it happening in their local area?

Bruce who works in IT for the Minnesota State Government, USA responded:

I've often have Google Maps lead me astray on my Meals on Wheels routes in Saint Paul. However, I attribute that more the Saint Paul's asinine method of naming streets and numbering addresses.

Hmm if you think that's bad check out Langley, BC, Canada where "A" streets (e.g. 216A Street) often go on for a few blocks, then break for several blocks, then reappear again for three blocks, then break for six blocks, then resume again for several blocks and so on and so forth. Insane!!

Now let's move on to this week's factoid:

Fact: While the new autonomous driving capabilities of the latest cars are amazing, the dashboard technology of most new cars sucks.


Question: What's your opinion on this? Seven years ago I bought one of the last BMW models not to have a touchscreen on the dashboard. The reason I bought it was because I wanted a dashboard where I could reach for the controls I needed without taking my eyes off the road. As someone said somewhere, a good user interface must be easy to navigate, put frequently used controls where you can easily reach them, and give you clear feedback (preferably tactile) when you make a change to a control. The dashboard of my BMW has all these features and I intend to keep driving it until the wheels fall off. 

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Until next week, 

Mitch Tulloch


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PowerShell - Boost performance

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PowerShell - Writing scripts others can understand

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PowerShell - The power of parallel processing

James O'Neill has a fascinating post from a while back called "Do the job 100 times faster with Parallel Processing in PowerShell". It's well worth a read if you're trying to become a PowerShell warrior:



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