Vol. 23, #37 - September 17, 2018 - Issue #1199

WServerNews Spotlight: DNS and an alert from ICAAN

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Editor's Corner

This week's issue of WServerNews zeroes in on DNS with links to some useful articles and also an excerpt from an ICANN mailing list that has some IMPORTANT INFORMATION that sysadmins need to know if you want to ensure that your organization's external DNS name resolution will keep working properly after October 11th. 

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Thanks! And now on to an important announcement from ICAAN…


 Preparing for ICANN's upcoming rollover of DNSSEC key signing key

The following email from the ICANN Root KSK Rollover Project Team was apparently just mailed out via one of ICAAN's many mailing lists and was forwarded to me this morning by a colleague. I'm excerpting it here in our newsletter as it may be important for you if you are responsible for administering DNS for your company or organization. Here is the excerpt:

As you may be aware, on 11 October 2018, ICANN will change or "roll over" the DNSSEC key signing key (KSK) of the DNS root zone. Based on information from your network received at the DNS root name servers, we believe that there *may* be at least one recursive resolver (also referred to as a recursive name server or caching name server) with DNSSEC validation enabled in AS26312 that is unprepared for the KSK rollover. If the resolver configuration is not updated with the new KSK before 11 October 2018, users of that resolver will not be able to resolve any DNS queries, resulting in a DNS outage for all users attempting DNS lookups through that resolver.

To repeat this important point: any DNS resolvers on your network with DNSSEC validation enabled that are not properly updated to use the new KSK will unable to resolve names on 11 October 2018 or shortly thereafter (the exact time of failure is uncertain due to caching).

At the end of this message, please find a list of IP addresses from AS26312 that since 1 September 2017 have sent at least one trust anchor configuration report indicating they were not configured with the new KSK.

Please note that these IP addresses appear in our records because they sent a trust anchor configuration report to one of the root name servers in the form of a DNS query following the protocol defined in RFC 8145 (https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc8145.txt). Not just recursive resolvers but any device, including those belonging to end users (such as mobile phones), could potentially send such a query: we are aware of at least one multi-platform VPN software implementation that reported its lack of the new KSK using this mechanism. (This software has since been updated with the new KSK.) In addition, because these reports are made with a simple DNS query, they can be forwarded through multiple resolvers and can also be easily spoofed. Therefore, the presence of an IP address in the list below does not definitively indicate that a resolver at that address originated a trust anchor report.

Please also note that IP addresses on your network that are not on the list below could still be unprepared for the root KSK rollover: only very recent versions of certain resolver software actually report their trust anchor configuration to the root servers. Your network could still have recursive resolvers with DNSSEC validation enabled that are unprepared for the root KSK rollover on 11 October 2018. If you have not already done so, we would therefore encourage you to check any DNSSEC-validating recursive resolvers to confirm that these resolvers are configured with the new root zone KSK and are prepared for the root KSK rollover on 11 October 2018.

For more information on how to check whether a resolver you operate has the new KSK, see:


For more information on how to update your resolver to use the new KSK, see:


In advance of the rollover, we are running a short survey of network operators to assist ICANN in its assessment of networks' readiness for the root KSK rollover. Could we please kindly request that you complete this very short survey about your preparedness for the root KSK rollover? The nine-question survey can be completed in under a minute:


We will be accepting responses until 13 September 2018.

For more information about the root KSK rollover project, see:


If you have questions about the rollover or this survey, please send email to [email protected] with "KSK Rollover" in the subject line.

Kind regards,

The ICANN Root KSK Rollover Project Team


Windows Server 2016 Reverse DNS Registration Behavior

This helpful article by Brandon Wilson describes the behavior changes of Windows Server 2016 when it comes to reverse DNS records:



PowerShell and DNS Reverse Lookup Zones

Mike Kammer recently posted a very useful blog entry where he describes a customer whose DNS had many reverse lookup zones and who was looking to clean up records that have grown out of control over the years. He then shares a PowerShell script he wrote that gets a list of all the records exported in a way that is easy to understand and manipulate:



Check your DNS for WINS lookup, then get rid of it

Microsoft PFE Willem Kasdorp says, "It is surprisingly often that I encounter customers who have a WINS dependency in an odd place: in DNS itself." He then explains how to check whether your DNS is configured for WINS lookup and why this is a bad thing and what you can do about it:



Parsing DNS server log to track active clients

This post on the Security For The Adventurous blog explains how to enable debug logging of the DNS server service and parse the logs using LogParser to determine how many clients are resolving DNS names using your Windows DNS servers:



Create a wild card DNS zone for SharePoint APPS

Mike Lee tells us that to support installing and publishing APPS from your SharePoint Farm you will need to configure DNS to support a wild cardhost names for the specified app domain. This blog post by Mike demonstrates a quick way to configure your Microsoft Active Directory integrated DNS Server to support SharePoint Apps:



Custom Domains Deep Dive

The following article answers some frequently-asked questions concerning using custom domains with Azure Active Directory and provides guidance on deploying custom domains:



Tip of the Week

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How to Fix Slow Access to Network Shares

This tip by Zubair Alexander on his blog may be helpful if you're experiencing delays in accessing shared files and folders on your network:



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Factoid - Build a better mousetrap

Last week's factoid and question  was this:

Fact: The European Commission is going to ask the EU parliament and member states to ditch the system of twice-yearly changes of Daylight Savings Time.

Question: Are you looking forward to having to deal with the consequences of such a change?

Randy from BC, Canada sent us the best response to this one:

Hell yes! I applaud the EU for trying to stop the twice yearly time change! Even though I am retired it would be great to not change. Here in Canada, only Saskatchewan was smart enough to do it years ago. And why? As I heard it, the milk cows complained!

Let's see if the cows in Europe have similar clout to those here in Canada.

Now let's move on to this week's factoid:

Fact: Mice hate cheese, new study reveals


Question: The above Daily Mail article actually dates from back in 2006, but it's relevant since it's fast approaching the time of year when mice are looking for warm cracks and crannies where they can nest in your house during the winter months (at least here in Canada anyways). So the question we ask our readers is this: If mice hate cheese then what do mice love to eat? i.e. what's the best bait to use on a mousetrap? 

Email your answer to [email protected]


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