Vol. 23, #42 - October 22, 2018 - Issue #1204

WServerNews Spotlight: Group Policy


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Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter drills in on a subject that most Windows admins are familiar with in their day to day management and operations of their networks. Yes I'm talking about Group Policy, a set of features built into Active Directory that enables policy-based administration of users, computers, and other network resources. We also have a response to an Ask Our Readers item from a previous issue and we'd be happy if more of our readers could weigh in on the question discussed therein. Plus we have various other sundry stuff for your education and enjoyment. Cheers! --Mitch


Some articles on Group Policy

Let's start off with some of our more recent Group Policy articles and tips that we've published on our TechGenix website:

10 Windows Group Policy settings you need to tweak


Using PowerShell to evaluate group policy issues


Also check out the following series of articles on our site by Nirmal Sharma:

Active Directory Group Policy Health Check Items (Part 1)


Active Directory Group Policy Health Check Items (Part 2)


Active Directory Group Policy Health Check Items (Part 3)


Active Directory Group Policy Health Check Items (Part 4)


Active Directory Group Policy Health Check Items (Part 5)


Now let's move on to some other stuff on Group Policy…


Slow startup/logon performance?

Are you experiencing slow boot times or excessively long duration of logons? Could the Group Policy configuration of your environment have something to do with this? Check out the following article by Nathan Penn on the Ask PFE Platforms blog on TechNet for tips on how to troubleshoot:



Cleaning up before a migration

Before you perform an Active Directory migration it's a good idea to clean up your Group Policy infrastructure by identifying and weeding out unneeded policies. The following short article from VirtuallyAware may be of some help in getting started with this job:


Also check out this article which builds on the previous one using PowerShell:


Once you've cleaned up your Group Policy messes, it's a good idea to export all of your Group Policy settings in a report form. You can find out how to do this here:



Are there any good alternatives?

While Group Policy is a good solution that every Windows admin relies upon, it can seem sometimes like a multi-headed hydra that keeps on growing uncontrollably in seemingly every conceivable direction. Perhaps there's an alternative you could try using, like this one from JumpCloud:


Have any readers tried this in their environment? Let us know what you think of this or any other third-party Group Policy replacement solution by emailing us at [email protected]


Group Policy vs. MDM: who wins?

Finally there is the question of which is the better approach: Microsoft's tried-and-true traditional solution of using Group Policy with Active Directory, or Microsoft's new "modern" approach to Windows management that leverages the fact that Windows 10 is enabled for mobile device management (MDM). Is MDM going to be the replacement for Group Policy going forward? Or will Group Policy continue to thrive in this century like Windows 7 is likely to resist getting killed off? Stay tuned for next week's newsletter where we'll explore this interesting topic! Or send us your opinion today by emailing us at [email protected] 


Tip of the Week

Got any IT pro tips you'd like to share with other readers of our newsletter? Email us at [email protected]

Don't let your company's domain name expire!

Make sure the domain name you registered for your company's website is set for autorenewal, because if you allow it to expire you might end up with all kinds of problems. Domain names are often abandoned when a company is acquired or by or merges with another company, and such abandoned domain names often get snapped up by malicious actors who can then wreak havoc by taking control of the former company's email services and use this for perpetrating fraud, extortion, and other criminal activities. There's some good information about this can be done in the following article on The Medium:



Admin Toolbox

Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without 

GOT ADMIN TOOLS or other software/hardware you'd like to recommend? Email us at [email protected]

If native Office 365 reports are not sufficient for you and if you need more details on your email traffic such as the sender, recipient and email subject, try PROMODAG Reports for free now!


VeeamON Virtual – the Premier Virtual Conference for Intelligent Data Management. December 5, 2018. Register to attend. 


This Script allow reset the Windows Update Agent resolving issues with Windows Update:


This VBA sample illustrates how to save attachments from multiple selected items in Outlook:


The SQL Server Maintenance Solution comprises scripts for running backups, integrity checks, and index and statistics maintenance on all editions of Microsoft SQL Server:



 Ask Our Readers - Tracking our network ops (a response)

A couple of weeks ago a reader named David who works for a Large Company asked us this question:

What do newsletter readers who manage operations for their corporate network use for tracking configuration change requests, helpdesk support tickets, and such? In another Large Company I worked for we used Request Tracker:


but what else is out there? I'm newly hired and mgmt wants something robust to replace their current collection of bandaids…thanks.

James from Boston, Massachusetts responded briefly with the following recommendation:

Try JIRA :-)

Jira Software is a product from Atlassian that is designed to enable teams to plan, track, and manage software development projects, but as James suggests it can also be repurposed for other kinds of tracking tasks. Here's the webpage for the product:


Do any readers out there have any other recommendations for David? Email us at [email protected]


Factoid - I'm smart and punny!

Last week's factoid and question  was this:

Fact: GeoCities dies in March 2019, and with it a piece of internet history.

Question: How many of you fondly remember browsing Geocities in its heyday? And did any of you newsletter readers actually own your own piece of Geocities by putting up a web page on some topic?

A reader named Radhakrishnan who is a retired consultant from India now living in the USA responded as follows:

Yahoo was kind enough to give me Website:


But it is no more now. I will remain most grateful, if I get it revived or get the contents at least.

You might be in luck! The Internet Archive maintains an archive of much of the Geocities content, and it looks like at least part of your original Geocities website can be found here:


Anyways, let's move on to this week's factoid:

Fact: Puns are the most elevated form of humor:


Question: What is the best (or worst!) pun you've ever heard?

Email your answer to [email protected]



Conference calendar

North America

>> Got an IT conference happening in North America that you'd like to promote in our newsletter? Email us at [email protected]

Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp -- Oct 26 in Mexico City, Mexico


SQL in the City -- Oct 26 in Chicago, Illinois


PASS Summit 2018 -- Nov. 6-9 in Seattle, Washington


SharePoint Fest -- Dec. 3-7 in Chicago, Illinois




>> Got an IT conference happening in North America that you'd like to promote in our newsletter? Email us at [email protected]

VMworld Europe -- Nov 5-8 in Barcelona, Spain


Cybersecurity Leadership Summit -- Nov 12-14 in Berlin, Germany


European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference -- Nov 26-29 in Copenhagen, Denmark


Directions EMEA -- Oct. 31-Nov. 2 in The Hague, Netherlands


Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp -- Nov. 16 in Rome, Italy


Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp -- Nov. 22 in Bern, Switzerland


Update Conference -- Nov. 22-23 in Prague, Czech Republic


European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference -- Nov. 26-29 in Copenhagen, Denmark




>> Got an IT conference happening in Australia or Asia that you'd like to promote in our newsletter? Email us at [email protected]

No conferences listed at present.


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