Vol. 24, #24 - June 17, 2019 - Issue #1236

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Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter rambles around the Office 365 landscape to uncover some interesting and informative articles on all things relating to Office 365, Outlook/Office, and Exchange Server/Online. Readers who work with any of these platforms are bound to find something useful below. We also have a new Ask Our Readers question we need help with, plus lots of other fun and helpful stuff. Enjoy!

Mitch Tulloch, Senior Editor


Office 365 general

Microsoft Draws a Line in the Cloud, Customer Calls It Predatory (myITforum)


Office 365 for IT Pros eBook Offer Announcement (Practical 365)


Moving Mailboxes between Migration Batches for simpler Exchange to Office 365 Moves (Practical 365)


Export Office 365 Distribution Group Members to CSV (Office 365 Reports)



Office 365 and PowerShell

Using PowerShell to Add Teams to the Groups Expiration Policy (Tony Redmond)


Create Rules using PowerShell (Slipstick Systems)


Use Powershell to configure Automatic Replies (Slipstick Systems)


Office 365 Powershell commands - what options do i have for Get-User | Where...? (Spiceworks)


Manage Office 365 tenants with Windows PowerShell for Delegated Access Permissions (DAP) partners (Microsoft Docs)



Outlook VBA macros

No Supported Way to Deploy Outlook VBA Projects (Dan's WebDAV 101)


Move email items based on a list of email addresses (Slipstick Systems)


Delete duplicate messages using a macro (Slipstick Systems)



Outlook for Mac

Outlook for Mac adds administrative controls (Microsoft Tech Community)


Convert Outlook for Mac (OLM) emails, contacts & Calendar items to Outlook 2016 (Stellar)


How to enable logging in Outlook for Mac (Microsoft Support)



Exchange Server

Backup of Individual mailbox items (Dan's WebDAV 101)


Announcing The Exchange Server 2019 Sizing Calculator (Microsoft Tech Community)


SSL Certificate warning during or after Exchange Server setup (Jaap Wesselius)


Installing Exchange 2019 on Windows 2019 Core (Dave Stork's IMHO)



Exchange Online

Introducing the Exchange Online Fiddler Extension (Microsoft Tech Community)


How to Delete User Mailboxes in Exchange Online? (Kernel Data Recovery)


Azure Cloud Shell now supports connecting to Exchange Online PowerShell for MFA-enabled accounts (Vasil Michev)




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Tip of the Week

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Configuring advanced Azure Active Directory Connect permissions

Aaron Guilmette has a script you can use to configure advanced AAD Connect permissions for the following features: Device WriteBack Exchange Hybrid WriteBack Office 365 Group WriteBack Password Hash Sync (Replicating Directory Changes / Replicating Directory Changes All) Password WriteBack ms-DS-Consis…


You can also read about it on his blog here:




Admin Toolbox

Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without 

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Get the must-have FREE backup and recovery tool for any workload. It provides all the capabilities included in Veeam Backup & Replication Standard edition for FREE for up to 10 VMs.


Altaro VM Backup removes the complexities of backing up Hyper-V & VMware. Easy to use, sets up within just 15 mins & comes with the best deduplication in the industry. Download the free copy here


Easy Window Switcher lets you switch between application instances, fast:


PeaZip is an archiver and file compressor that lets you extract 7Z CAB ISO RAR TAR ZIP archive files:


QTTabBar extends Explorer by tabs and extra folder views:





Regarding my shameless pitch last week for readers to buy remaindered copies of my books on obsolete operating systems in order to fund early retirement to somewhere warm (anywhere is warmer than Winnipeg, Canada) a reader named Pieter from The Netherlands kindly responded:

Hi Mitch, if we buy your books, you retire earlier, so we don't receive that nice newsletters anymore, so that is a no go ;-)

Nat who is a Computer Systems Consultant based in North Carolina, USA shared the following story about his experience working with Windows Vista:

I supplied one copy of Windows Vista on a notebook computer. I never supplied any Windows 8.0 or 8.1 and I would still be supplying Windows 7 if it would work with the latest Intel CPU's. I hate Windows 10. I still use Windows 7 on my main desktop and I use Red Hat's Fedora on my notebook. I still have a Windows 2008 R2 Server running, but I'm transferring over to a FreeNAS Server. I have built over 180 computers with Windows 7 on it in the last nine years. When I started building computers I was installing PC-DOS 4.01.

And finally Ted Bodfish responded to another reader's response to his tip we published two weeks ago:

Hi Mitch, in response to Mark's comments about UAC, etc., I think that having separate accounts adds one more level of security. One password for your everyday login and a different password required when the UAC prompt comes up makes even an experienced computer professional think twice about why permissions are required at that time.

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Ask Our Readers - Diagnostic utility for generic PC (new question)

A reader named Alex sent us this question:

hi mitch, i just read your article:


and found it to be excellent and very helpful! i have three dell laptops and over the years i find their boot up diagnostic very useful. as i move away from dell products (end user only) i am looking for something like this to use on a new generic pc. is there anything like that for free or a nominal charge that can be booted into, small mb size and fast like the dell product?

 Can any readers help Alex? Email us at [email protected]



Factoid - In search of the best espresso

Last week's factoid and question was this:

Fact: "While some species of bamboo produce blossoms as often as once every three years, many of them flower at extremely long intervals, between 40 to 80 years… Perhaps even more surprising than the long intervals at which they flower is the fact that all plants of the same stock of bamboo will bloom at the same time, and then die, no matter where they are in the world."

Question: Does this mean the roots of all bamboo trees around the world are connected in some mysterious way? Or bamboo trees are imbued with some sort of primeval consciousness so they can communicate with one another to decide collectively when they're going to decide to flower

I guess my question weirded everyone out as no one tried responding to it, so without further ado let's move on to this week's factoid which should be more relevant to all you glued-to-the-chair IT pros out there:

Fact: Coffee makes you poop. Now we know why.

Source: http://www.wservernews.com/go/sc5vtj2a/

Question: I can attest to the de-constipating effect of quaffing a handful of espressos in the morning, so along these lines I'd like to ask all you espresso lovers out there (most of whom are probably in Europe) the following question: What kind of machine/coffee combination makes the best espresso in your opinion? I've settled on my Nespresso machine and Roma coffee capsules, but I'm getting a bit bored with this combination and am on the lookout for something with a bit more punch. Any recommendations?

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Conference calendar

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Microsoft Ignite 2019

Nov 4-8, 2019 in Orlando, Florida


More Microsoft conferences

Microsoft Inspire - July 14-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Microsoft Ignite - Nov. 4-8 in Orlando, Florida USA


Infosec conference

Cyber Security Summit - June 27 in Washington D.C. USA


RSA Conference 2019 - July 16-18 in Singapore


Cyber Security Summit - July 18 in Seattle, Washington USA


Black Hat USA - August 3-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Cyber Security Summit - August 27 in Chicago, Illinois USA


Cyber Security Summit - Sept. 25 in Charlotte, North Carolina USA


Other conferences

Microsoft Inspire - July 14-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA


SPTechCon - August 25-28 in Boston, Massachusetts USA


VMworld - August 25-29 in San Francisco, California USA



New on TechGenix.com

Digging into Azure Sentinel, Microsoft's new SIEM tool

Azure Sentinel is Microsoft's new addition to the hybrid cloud security landscape, but it's far more than just another SIEM product. Here's a deep dive.


What in the world is hybrid VDI? And is it right for you?

Hybrid VDI provides the centralized management benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure to IT while providing the best possible experience for end users.


Use Microsoft Flow to reduce everyone's daily drudgery

We all have paper-pushing tasks even if we don't use paper anymore. Microsoft Flow is your personal AI tool that can take these chores off your to-do list.


Privileged accounts: Your Achilles' heel and a cyberattacker's best friend

Some companies hand out privileged accounts like they are candy. But privileged accounts can be a welcome mat to hackers to come in and take what they want.


How to apply data loss prevention per-user on OneDrive

If you have a small number of OneDrive users who are required to receive a specific data loss prevention policy, here's a quick way to do it.




Fun videos from Flixxy

Amazing Motion Graphics Art - Andreas Wannerstedt

Impossibly precise machines created by CGI artist Andreas Wannerstedt. So satisfying to watch!


Audiovisual Illusion From Caltech

Caltech researchers have developed an illusion that shows how vision can be influenced by sound:


Cassini Saturn Fly-Through (No CGI) 1080p HD

What would it look like to approach Saturn in a spaceship? Watch this HD movie made using original images from the Cassini spacecraft:


This Illusion Will Fool You Even When You Know How It Works

Usually, when you know how an illusion works, it stops being an illusion. But not the 'Ames Window' illusion:



 More articles of Interest

What are the Dangers of Mobile Hotspot Tethering?

Users may not hesitate to connect to a mobile hotspot, but that doesn't mean IT should always allow it. Learn what threats these hotspots pose and how to handle them.


14 SIEM Reports and Alerts to Boost Security

Setting up an SIEM reporting infrastructure requires an overall knowledge of what data capture is available. With standard reports and event categories, you can ease implementation.


PowerShell Commands to Copy Files: Basic to Advanced Methods

Admins proficient in PowerShell can build advanced scripts that copy files for different scenarios with added measures to ensure the duplicates reach their destinations.


How to manage Windows 10 device drivers

Device drivers connect users' endpoints to the peripheral devices they work with. As a result, IT must know when to update drivers and what to do if they break.



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Free Tool for Monitoring Exchange Server Status & Performance 


SolarWinds® Exchange Monitor is a free tool that allows users to monitor Microsoft® Exchange™ Server 2013 and 2016. Get basic information about the server’s metrics, services, and database availability group (DAG) status. Add as many Exchange Servers as you wish. Simply click the “Add Server” button and fill IP address/domain name and credentials.

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